An Example of Australia’s Most-Plentiful Resource

Australian Government gets told about carbon tax “compensation”

June 12th, 2012 by Warwick Hughes

Hon T. Burke MP, ROSELANDS, NSW 2196 (copy of letter emailed to me)
Mr Burke,
During last week, as a part age pensioner, I received a ‘Household Assistance Payment’ (also known as ‘carbon tax compensation’) of two hundred and fifty dollars.

I am totally opposed to imposition of the carbon tax, believing that the climate alarmism by which the tax is justified is based entirely on bogus science and fraudulent computer modelling.

For this reason, I have decided to disburse the payment as follows:
(a) One hundred dollars donation to The Institute of Public Affairs which is actively engaged in exposing the deceit underpinning the anthropogenic climate change hypothesis.
(b) One hundred and fifty dollars donation to the Australian Liberal Party, whose leader, Mr. Abbott, has promised to repeal the carbon tax should the Coalition win the next Federal election.

Should I receive similar ‘compensation’ payments in the future, I will likewise donate such monies to parties opposed to climate lies and the carbon tax.

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