Green Jobs for … um … Everybody!

A spokesman for sanity, the Boy on a bike, provides us with the official interpretation of “Green Jobs”:

It turns out that according to the administration, “green jobs” include: college professors teaching classes on environmental studies, clerks at bicycle repair shops, antique dealer employees, Salvation Army workers because they are selling used clothing, stores selling rare books and manuscripts, consignment shop workers, used record shop employees, garbage disposal workers, and even oil lobbyists if they are engaged in advocacy related to environmental issues.

I like this game. You just have to greenify the purpose of what you’re doing.

Like an airline pilot flying delegates to an environment conference in e.g. Rio: Green job. Aircraft refuellers: Green job. Baggage handler: Green job. Air traffic controller: Green job.

Let’s list some green jobs are provided by e.g. wind “power”.

  • Loggers cutting down trees to build wind “farms”.
  • Road construction crews building roads to prospective wind “farms”.
  • Miners digging up iron ore to build towers for wind “turbines”.
  • Miners digging up coal to make steel to build wind “turbines”.
  • Crews drilling for oil to run the trains and ships to bring the coal and iron ore to the furnaces and steel mills build wind “turbines”.
  • Iron and steelworkers making the stuff that’s turned into wind “turbines”.
  • Drivers of trucks that deliver the thousands of tonnes of concrete, steel for the wind “turbines”.
  • Helicopter pilots flying maintenance crews and replacement parts to the tops of wind “turbines”.
  • Exterminators killing rodents trying to nest in switch cabinets and underground power pits of wind “turbines”.

OK. I may have gone a little overboard. Actually; I hope that I did.

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1 Response to Green Jobs for … um … Everybody!

  1. So far, scored 2 “scrapers” who advertise “green jobs” that link back to this posting.

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