Canadian Greens & their Twisted Democracy

Representing future generations? How did they get to vote?

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Green activists accuse the government of waging a “war on nature and democracy.” But there’s nothing democratic about claiming to speak for future generations.

Yesterday was a day of protest here in Canada. Hundreds of mostly green, mostly left-leaning groups darkened their websites to draw attention to what they view as our federal government’s “war on nature and democracy.”

The event attracted ample media coverage, but it’s far from clear how many ordinary Canadians even noticed. In May 2011, this country elected a majority Conservative government. On that occasion we also elected our very first Member of Parliament from the Green Party. Her name is Elizabeth May. She’s the party’s leader and it was her third attempt (in riding number three) to gain a seat.

Some people believe that the only reason she was finally successful is because she ran in one of the most left-leaning corners of the…

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