ABC: even worse than the BBC

James Delingpole blogs in the UK Telegraph:

Those of you who don’t live in Australia will be lucky enough to have missed last night’s travesty of a documentary I Can Change Your Mind About Climate Change by the Aussies’ gag-inducingly PC state broadcaster ABC. Better still, they will have been lucky enough also to have missed the even more ludicrously biased panel discussion afterwards in which an outrageously parti-pris greenie moderator,  a greenie “social researcher”, a greenie youth activist, the head of the ultra-greenie, even-worse-than-the-Royal-Society CSIR[O] and two more greenie plants in the audience bravely took on an evil mining magnate and an evil climate change denier in order irrefutably to demonstrate that anyone who does not deny the reality of Anthropogenic Global Warming must perforce be the spawn of Satan. It reminded me so much of the BBC’s nuanced approach to the climate change issue it was almost as if I’d flown home 15 days early.

Andrew Bolt puts the boot in here. Jo Nova and David Evans, meanwhile, give the doco such a thorough fisking I doubt it will ever walk again. Jo rightly notes that one of the very worst bits was the invention from some baldy pillock of an oceanographer called Matthew England, who was given carte blanche to claim, unchallenged, that one of the only two sceptics on the panel – Nick Minchin – had got his facts wrong when, in fact Minchin hadn’t.

Thank you James. Few people believe how bad the ABC is in Australia. Some things you just have to experience because words (and pictures) fail to describe.

Despite the ABC; or perhaps the ABC gets his juices flowing so well, Dellers doesn’t want to leave Australia.

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