Renewable Insomnia

An update on how well Germans are doing with their wind power is always available via the Transparency in Energy site. The figures shown are actual, not wishful.

The total nameplate capacity of wind power generation for Germany and Austria is about 29 GW (29,000 MW). It’s unusual for even a quarter of that “capacity” to be reached.

Actual wind power generated

Wind Powwer Generated on April 19th, 2012

Were one to try to use wind power to e.g. do the laundry or the washing up, then it’s a matter of staying up until it’s all done. Perhaps until 4 a.m. with 3 loads in the washing machine. But that’s only possible if the neighbours aren’t disturbed by the noise of the machines.

Evening entertainment may have to be restricted to singing folk songs around a lone, compact flourescent globe in a small room in the house, as evening peak consumption was only supported by wind power’s feeble contribution of less than 10% of it’s claimed capacity.

Another Windblazer: (from
The top of the wind generator with a height of 99 metres and a diameter of just under 66 metres burned out completely.
Photo: Thomas Nyfeler

Update 2012-04-23: There are of course tangible contributions to the environment by wind generators, as often reported in the press. Notable because such contributions are irreversible, because neither the ladders, nor the water from the fire engines will reach the height of the nacelle, let alone the top-most tip of a burning blade.

The offshore story is more devastating in human terms. NoTricksZone reports:

Killer Offshore Windparks – 3 Dead, 80 Serious Accidents “…More Have Died”

In terms of deaths, this is worse than Fukushima.

Yet, we never hear a peep from the media about the dark side of this “safe and environmentally gentle energy”. Imagine if this had happened at a nuclear power plant.

Follow the links to the full article.

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