21st-Century Thrift

A sleepy little town called Schlangen in Germany, is on the Western fringe of the formerly-feared principality of Lippe (now just a district) of renowned thrift: “Copper wire was invented in Lippe because they turn a penny so often”.  I used to joke that they ran boarding schools for Scottish children to teach them how to be thrifty.

But now, in the re-invention of the town, the SPD and Greens on the town council have (again) voted to accept a budget where spending far exceeds income. Spending 14.6 million Euros from an income of 11 million. i.e. a deficit of 3.6 million Euros. And it’s not a once-off expenditure. Nor a belt-tightening in the face of economic realities as this budget’s expenditure is half a million Euros larger than the previous year’s.

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One Response to 21st-Century Thrift

  1. DirkH says:

    It’s a red-green government, what do you expect? Wherever they manage to take the power, they lose it after one or two elections because they ran the economy into the ground.

    When Schroeder lost power unemployment had reached its maximum and afterwards it steadily declined. Schroeder even counted as an SPD right-winger, but nevertheless, the relationship between money and socialist parties is defined by an eternal cosmic law.

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