Deep-Fried QANTAS


Qantas to operate Australia’s first biofuel flight in April

Qantas (QF) and SkyNRG will operate Australia’s first commercial biofuel flight April 13 between Sydney and Adelaide. The flight, using an Airbus A330, will operate using a 50:50 blend of biofuel derived from used cooking oil and conventional jet fuel, QF said in a statement.

Hmmm… a sustainable fuel resource? The only way to keep QANTAS flying this way is for everybody in Australia to eat ONLY lots of deep-fried food. Consider half of the 139,000 litres of the A330’s fuel capacity will be deep-fried product. Consuming up to seventy-thousand litres (approx 18,500 US gallons) of used cooking oil per flight.

Airport staff will no doubt be issued with guns loaded with bird-shot to maintain a safe air space for other aircraft following QF1121 and QF1120; from seagulls looking for free chips. Baggage handlers to be issued with bio-hazard gear so that the droppings of 100,00 gulls don’t give them bird-flu.

At least the chip-shops under the flight path will get a run of salivating customers.

The flights are on Friday the 13th. So all the stars are aligned.

Joycey; are you sure you want to humour the nitwits with such a useless, unsustainable exercise?

Footnote 2012-04-03: For those who doubt, here’s the official press release:

Update 2012-04-22: SkyNRG is a fuel broker that hypes alternative fuels. QANTAS used the product to half-fuel one of the two engines. It turns out to have been made from WVO (waste vegeable oil, apparently by Dynamic Fuels, Louisiana) which had gone through a refining (“Synfining”) process which includes heating the oil to around 850°C acting at high pressure in order to crack the long-chain molecules into something closer to kerosene.  This and other processing is energy-intensive processing which (guesstimating) consumes about a third of the original stock to provided sufficient energy to make the end-product. The process also “buys in” energy in the form of the hydrogen gas used for the process, equivalent to around 500 kg CO2e/tonne of fuel.

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2 Responses to Deep-Fried QANTAS

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  2. Brian H says:

    Like other “renewables”, a niche product deludedly extrapolated to cover a large chunk of the real-world market. Whereupon it becomes obvious what the word “scaling” refers to, and why they don’t have it.

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