Australian PM Gillard Annoints Senate Replacement, Unconstitutionally

In annointing Bob Carr as Australia’s new Foreign Minister, the PM ignores the Constitution:

Chapter I. The Parliament.

Part II – The Senate

Section 15 – Casual vacancies

If the place of a senator becomes vacant before the expiration of his term of service, the Houses of Parliament of the State for which he was chosen shall, sitting and voting together, choose a person to hold the place until the expiration of the term, or until the election of a successor as herein-after provided, whichever first happens.

PM Gillard appears to be trying to remove the power to nominate a replacement Senator  from a State’s Parliament, infringing on the State’s sovereign rights.

The PM’s actions are hardly surprising. She has a long record of not even bothering to cross the i’s and dotting the t’s. Damn the (unconsidered) consequences.

IMHO, such actions are sufficient motivation for the GG to dismiss the House of Representatives under Section 5 of the Constitution.

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