Google redirection of decimates blogs

Luboš Motl writes about Blogspot decimation by Google

Google began to redirect the traffic to specific national locations. So far, three nations are affected:
India:motls.blogspot.inNew countries are likely to be added into this list soon.

The purpose of these new domains is for Google to be able to impose legal restrictions of the content on a country-specific basis.

Just one chilling effect has been that comments left on any of the “Blogspots” don’t appear on the others. Which takes the “Inter” out of “Internet”. The fruits of potential conversations across borders and into the immediate Universe are left to rot on the ground. Unseen.

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One Response to Google redirection of decimates blogs

  1. Jerry Young says:

    Personally, I waver between hating and loving google – it’s bizarre. every son often they do something which makes you think the company is intent on controlling all of us like little pawns, but then it continues to produce great new products and services. Bizarre.

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