Assault on Heartland

“It’s a trap”

How the respective parties deal with this alleged leak will show who is sceptical and who is prepared to simply accept whatever fits or supports their established beliefs.

Remember to read the instructions



before setting off the bomb.

Watts Up With That?

Heartland has yet to produce a press release, but I thought in the meantime I’d share some behind the scenes. If/when they do, I’ll add it to this post.

UPDATE: 11:45AM -The press release has been added below. One of the key documents is a fabrication

UPDATE2: 2:30PM The BBC’s Richard Black slimes me, without so much as asking me a single question (he has my email, I’ve corresponded with him previously) or even understanding what the project is about Hint: Richard, it’s about HIGHS and LOWS, not trends. No journalistic integrity with this one. – Anthony

I’m surprised at the number of articles out there on this where journalists have not bothered to ask me for a statement, but rather rely on their own opinion. To date, only Suzanne Goldenberg of the Guardian has asked for a statement, and she used very little of it in her article

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One Response to Assault on Heartland

  1. (My comment copied from

    I’m certain that a forensic analysis will confirm that one document to be a fake. I noted from the timezone information that the PDF may well have been produced on the West coast (of the USA or Canada), where Heartland has no office.

    It is plausible to “fingerprint” a PDF of a scan to link it to a particular device. And to correlate it with PDFs of other scans previously (and subsequently) made and published with copies out of reach of the originator.

    If you want to be anonymous when doing these things, you have to buy a scanner for the purpose at a place where you will not be recognized or recorded, paying with cash. After you have scanned the document, you must destroy and dispose of the scanner in a way similar to which it was procured.

    To send the document anonymously, you must use a facility where your access cannot be traced back to you as an individual. Most Internet cafés routinely record (photographically) who is using which “terminal”, and probably have a good idea about what service is being used. One convenient alternative is a public WiFi connection that can be obtained for the price of a cup of “coffee”, but that requires also having a disposable, anonymous device to access the WiFi, because the access point providing WiFi will have (at least) a unique MAC number associated with the equipment.

    Real anonymity is very, very expensive in the digital world; especially so with “rich” document formats.

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