EU: Who needs it?

Dating back to November, ‘s article outlines some of the reasons why the EU is doomed to fail.

Financial Post | Opinion

The EU was no noble experiment worth preserving, but the world’s grandest experiment in social engineering

The dream of a politically unified, economically integrated Europe is now dead. “It’s impossible,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy said this week, in admitting the need for a “two-speed Europe” that sheds debt-laden Greece and/or other non-core countries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the only other European leader able to decide Europe’s fate, is believed to have agreed, her officials arguing that the present European Union Treaty will need to be replaced with something workable in “a breakthrough to a new Europe.”

The nature of this new Europe, or two-speed Europe, or two Europes, as some fear, will now be formally discussed amid much hand-wringing at a summit in Brussels on Dec. 9. All in attendance will lament “the end of Europe as we know it,” as one EU diplomat put it to Reuters.


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