Umweltzonen 2012 – Dicke Luft auch ohne “Stinker”

Germany’s ADAC finds that German cities which restrict access to all but the cleanest cars show no measure of improvement in air quality.

(updated 2012-01-28)

Motor vehicles not meeting strict environmental standards have been banned from driving in some cities. The cost of compliance is onerous unless one has recently bought a new car.

The ADAC finds that after several years of such vehicle exclusions, there is no difference in air quality compared to similar cities without such draconian regulations. Still, more cities scramble to impose the useless “Environment Zones”.

It seems that when you’re green-minded, measureable outcomes are irrlevant. As is punishing those who cannot afford new cars or to retrofit their old ones to bring them up to spec.

Taking the easy route, the ADAC issues stern words, but doesn’t follow up with pressure on the city governments to dismantle their festering bureaucracies which serve nobody but the bureaucrats and fulfill no useful function.

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