German Motoring Club Against Reason

In this ADAC article (in German), the club calls for tight restrictions on particulate emissions from gasoline-engined cars, to bring them in line with the extremely-tight restrictions imposed in diesel-engined cars. They want soot filters.

This ratcheting, anti-motoring appears to go unquestioned. Even after the research that led to the very tight restrictions on diesel particulates is being seriously questioned (Junkscience link).

So what’s the harm in cleaner emissions?

No harm at all if it can be done without imposing further costs on motorists or to consume more resources to provide essential transport for free movement by individuals.

But as we’ve seen with the need to install diesel particulate filters, there’s more equipment installed in the exhaust system and engine management becomes more complex. For all vehicle owners, the cost of the car is greater than without the widgetry; and for many driver, fuel consumption rises significantly; about 10%.

None of that extra consumption of resources is remotely anything like “conservation”.

The ADAC “justifies” itself:

Der ADAC unterstützt die deutsche Bundesregierung, die wie der Club selbst, für eine Angleichung der Grenzwerte von Benzinfahrzeugen und Dieselautos eintritt. Weiterhin fordert der Club die Regierung auf, im Zuge der Verhandlungen innerhalb der EU dem Standpunkt der europäischen Automobilhersteller nicht nachzugeben. Nur wenn Diesel und Benziner gleich sauber sind, können Gesundheitsschutz, Mobilität und Verbraucherschutz vereinbart werden.

Translation via BlaBlaMeter:

Bullshit-Index :0.46
Ihr Text riecht schon deutlich nach heißer Luft – Sie wollen hier wohl offensichtlich etwas verkaufen oder jemanden tief beeindrucken.

OOPS. Let’s try it with the help of Google:

The ADAC supports the German Federal Government, like the club itself, is committed to the alignment of the limits of gasoline  and diesel vehicles. The club further calls on the government during the negotiations within the EU not to give in to the position of the European automobile manufacturers. Only if  diesel and gasoline are equally as clean can health, mobility and consumer protection can be aligned.

So there you have it. They want it done because they say so.

Club members should ask themselves if they wish to continue to support the ADAC financially. There are other motoring clubs in Germany. And e.g. breakdown insurance/service is available through several independent providers.

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