Green Directions

P Gosselin reports on a commentary written by Social Sciences Professor Ulrike Ackermann, Director of the John Stuart Mill Institute for Liberty Research in Heidelberg:

Ackermann writes: “For the Greens, nature is good, humans are bad” and thus must be always kept under the watchful eye of a powerful, better-knowing state. This means more central (by amateurs) planning, equalization and social uniformity.

It means the destruction of individual responsibility, and thus the individual.

Ackermann reminds us: “History shows us that this is precisely what never has put us on the path to democracy, freedom and prosperity.”


“On the path to this noble target, adult citizens are being treated like children. The program is in ‘easy language’ that is especially designed for people with ‘learning difficulties, reading impairments and speech problems’, and so verily pushes infantilism to a new high.”

Follow the link for more.

Closer to home, Joanne Nova reports censorship of Parliamentarians, stopping MHR DR Dennis Jensen from tabling scientific reports that show the basis for the “Carbon Tax” to be fundamentally flawed.

The ALP will accept an unaudited foreign committee report, whole, without question, but not scientific evidence from an elected Australian representative. Who are the climate science deniers? Is it the same team that calls people mindless denigrating names?

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