First spam to this blog

… fended off.

Spammer was sending from IP owned by Netco Solutions Ltd, UK, but oddlyseems to be located near Dubai. The spammer was spruiking a web site at IP that is owned by New Dream Network, LLC, USA. The spammer’s web site appears to be hosted on a server near Palm City, Florida. Not only that, but the spammer’s domain is reported as “A Happy DreamHost Customer” and the same outfit provides their domain’s DNS.

When you’re looking for an internet, web service or domain name provider, ask them some questions. Ask them how likely it is that their IP and name space will be black-holed. Get them to provide up-front evidence of insurance so that they can compensate you for damage that you may incur as a result of them not taking much care to avoid dealing with criminals.

Registrars and hosting providers are all too happy to sell cheap domains and services, hardly ever waiting to see if the payment that’s been made by the applicant is legitimate. Stolen credit cards and online banking details pay for lots of spamming activities. Often, domains are registered to people who don’t exist, to a street address that is often fictitious.

For now.

If your domain registrar is providing services to spammers, they may be blocked by spammed victims. The victims can do that if they so wish. Not just the spammer’s domain, but all the registrar’s domains catch fleas when they sleep with those of spammers.

Your web site may become unreachable. And your legitimate emails may be rejected, or simply ignored, remaining undelivered.

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