Get Your Stinking Pause Off Me!

A famous quote from a movie:  Get your stinking pause off me!

Briggsy had a word to say about those pawsthat pause/hiatus.

Anybody who says “hiatus” or “pause” non-ironically or non-derisively is reifying theory, promoting it above reality. This is nuts, scientifically speaking.

P.S. Previously discussed: Looking for the Missing Heat

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Nedlands Mayor Promotes Environmental Damage and Subsidies for the Wealthy

(Elevated from a blog comment at JoNova)

Nedlands council’s solar-panel decree labelled an ‘act of socialism’

(Paywalled article at The Australian. You know the drill.)

A council in Perth’s dress circle has triggered an animated debate with an unprecedented decision to compel home owners to install solar panels or wind-power generation.

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Lindzen: Reflections on Rapid Response to Unjustified Climate Alarm

Richard S. Lindzen writes: (via

The Cato Institute’s Center for the Study of Science today kicks off its rapid response center that will identify and correct inappropriate and generally bizarre claims on behalf of climate alarm. I wish them luck in this worthy enterprise, but more will surely be needed to deal with this issue.

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Looking for the Missing Heat

First, a tweet reproduced by Thought Leader™ William M. Briggs:

Climate Scientist walks into a bar, says,
“A pint of


Barman: “Why the long pause?”

Climate Scientist: <sobs>

Meanwhile, Joanne Nova presented an image with opportunity for caption comment that I could not refuse. The custom-captioned image is produced here.
Looking for the Missing Heat

(Even if I had Comic Sans on my computer, I wouldn’t use it.)

Original image credits go to Cranky Curlew.

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The Attraction of Climate Models

Wedded to ModelsI’ve mentioned previously the anti-science of climate models and this snippet from a much larger image provided by Josh and blogged at Bishop Hill illustrated the unrelenting and unquestioning love that climate modellers have for the virtual manifestation of their own ideas.

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Quarter of a Century of Packaged Pollution

Thinking PV Solar?

Do you want my electricity price to rise while you save on yours?

Do you want to do a quarter of a century’s pollution by the end of the month? Continue reading

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Not Science. Not Engineering.

John Brignell at Numberwatch is not amused at the effluent from the University of Southampton, pretending to be a scientific/engineering paper in the journal Atmospheric Environment. The article titled “Direct carbon dioxide emissions from civil aircraft” (DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2014.06.042) by Matt Grote, Ian Williams and John Preston of the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

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The Eee-Aws Have It

Preferential voting for the Australian Senate has the option of an official donkey vote where the voter puts a 1 in one box above the line to designate the party they prefer and lets the corresponding party effectively fill in the rest of the ballot for them by the preference tickets published before the election.

Because that is obviously easier, the vast majority of voters take that option; 1.26 million out of the 1.35 million who turned up to vote.
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Determining Intent in Senate Voting

Following up on my previous article, I downloaded the results from the Senate elections held in 2013 and processed the 50,131 below the line (BTL) ballots to determine if my ranking system was valid.

Results were worse than expected. Continue reading

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Senators for States

I’ve had some thoughts on the Australian Senate, how it operates and how it’s elected, following the cascade of debacles that we’ve had recently in Federal elections.

Not only aren’t the Senators seen to be working for the interests of their respective, sovereign States, the method of electing Senators by preferential ballot, with the easy option of voting according to party preference tickets; the distribution of preferences produces elected representatives who’d received fewer than 1000 primary votes; from electorates numbering in the millions. Continue reading

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